Livart Standard: Design Materials Fabrication Installation Maintenance Certificate
Instruction for installation
All Livart materials have corresponding installation methods, and the correct method makes the installation more convenient and quick.

Instruction for installation

Q: Aluminum Chassis

A: The finger aluminum chassis size is 220*95 mm, the main landing aluminum chassis size is 220*95 mm.

Q: Rubber Connection Size

A: We have only one type rubber connection both for main-main and main-finger, the size is cube 200*200*57 mm; bolt size is M16*130 mm.

Q: WPC for Main Landing Pontoons

A: The WPC for main pontoons is 2440*145*25 mm, teak color, and 70 pcs for one pontoon.

Q: WPC for Finger Pontoons

A: The WPC for finger pontoons contains two types, Size-1220*145*25 mm for the straightforward area, and 1970*145*25 mm are for the triangle area.

Q: WPC (fixtures and fittings). i.e. Screws and T connections

A: The fasteners for WPC is M5*25 mm, and the T connection is aluminum material.

Q: HDPE Floaters for Fingers

A: HDPE for finger pontoons is 1330*1120*890 mm, and order for installation is showing on our last instruction.

Q: HDPE Floaters for Main landing

A: HDPE for main pontoons is 1420*920*550 mm, finger pontoons is 1600*600*550 mm we have already add the installation drawing.

Q: HDPE (fixtures and fittings). i.e. bolts size … Etc

A: The bolts for installing floaters are SS316 M5*50 mm.

Q: Pile Guide (fixtures and fittings). i.e. Rollers, bolts size … Etc

A: M12*120 mm bolt for pile guide foundation and U-type aluminum chassis (Inner pile guide); M16*130 mm for outer pile guide connection; M16*200 mm for rollers.

Q: Gangway (fixtures and fittings)

A: Gangway foundation is fix by bolt M20*150 mm to the wall; Roller bolts is M16*200 mm.